Florida Gulf Coast University

Student Government Cabinet

cc 245 SEPTEMBER 29nd 2015 5:00PM

All members of the public are welcome


  1. Call to Order
    1. 5:01pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Lietaert
  • Amendment/Approval of the Minutes
    1. Gomes approves, Green seconds
  1. Public Comment
    1. None
  2. Reports
    1. Presidential Report: Thieldens Elneus
      1. Represented FGCU at FSA Polython
        1. Explored ways to alleviate student loan debt in Florida
      2. FSA legislative agenda being worked on
      3. Hosting FSA on October 23-25
      4. Working with staff to select students for Dine with the Dean
      5. Hunting for set location for Eagle Radio
        1. Exploring possibilities but nothing definite yet
      6. Had meeting with planning committee for front entrance
        1. Considering moving information booth somewhere else on campus
        2. Issue is that it blocks traffic
        3. Final stage of front entrance design: potential in 5-10 years from now, having roundabout in front of Lutgert
        4. Uzair wants to put sustainability person on committee
      7. Vice President Report: Jessica Scanlon
        1. Went to Campus Recreation meeting yesterday
          1. Trying to figure out how to minimize drainage issues on rec field
            1. Due to intramural/sports games cancellations because of flooding
            2. Working with engineering companies to minimize issues
          2. Campus Dining in full affect
            1. Mets presented today
            2. Last presentation is tomorrow
            3. Narrowing down to 2 or 3 and then doing campus visits
          3. If turning in purchase ordering forms and event planning forms, turn in with enough time to approve
          4. National Hazing Week speaker tonight MANTADORY
            1. 6:30 and 8:30
            2. May have to push back some items on agenda and amend to next meeting because of speaker
          5. If you don’t report to another staff member other than SG advising team- meet with Caleb the grad assistant.
  • Treasurer Report: Karli Gomes
    1. Went to Adaptive Services Committee Meeting
      1. Having Adaptive Rec Day on October 15th at rec fields
        1. Goal ball, adaptive basketball, adaptive paddling, adaptive softball
      2. Resource fair October 14th on Lib Lawn at noon
      3. Disabled students have difficulty with trash cans on campus
      4. Don’t like longboarders on campus
    2. Turn in event planning forms with correct/full info and on time
  1. Chief of Staff Report: Lee Davidson
    1. If you’re already on a committee, don’t worry about it, but sending out committee assignments tomorrow
    2. Commencement committee decided on color of pamphlets
    3. Sgchief@fgcu.edu
  2. Director of Student Relations: Stephanie Lietaert
    1. None
  3. Director of Civic Engagement: Emmalyn Green
    1. Reviewing Alt Winter Break applications
      1. Divided into 2 groups
      2. 2 groups of people looking over 40 applications
      3. Decisions made by October 5
      4. Training starting October 12
    2. Starting to do tabling and outreach for alternative spring break trip
    3. Initiatives
      1. Making Strides
        1. Saturday October 10 at Miromar
      2. Come As You Are
        1. Saturday 4-6
        2. Once a month have SG people go with FGCU students
      3. Be an Eagle for a Day
        1. Bring at risk students to FGCU
      4. Working with MADD to do drunk driving awareness event
    4. Partnerships:
      1. Eagles Inspire
      2. Winter Games
        1. Fri Oct 23rd
        2. SG could do photobooth for kids
      3. Goals
        1. RSO workshop incorporating service into clubs
        2. Service Day- Harry Chapmin or Habitat
        3. Want to create SG website for service
  • Director of Communication and Marketing: Breanna Rigg
    1. Waiting for event planning form approved for videoshoot
    2. VIDEOSHOOT TIME CHANGE: Oct. 6th starting at 5pm ending at 6:15pm
    3. Going to schedule time later during week- optional not mandatory- Monday eveningish
    4. Sending all of this info in email later tonight
    5. Eagle News issues- contact Breanna with any problems
    6. Sign up for Eagle Expo- made sign up sheet
  • Director of Governmental Relations: Lauren Mazzoleni
    1. Invites going to be sent out soon for FGCU Day
    2. Hosting FSA meeting
      1. Weekend long event, they’re coming Friday and having meetings Saturday, they’re leaving sometime on Sunday
      2. More people involved the better!
      3. Oct 23-25
      4. Minimum 40 people attending from universities around Florida
    3. Director of Leadership Development: Lexi Davis (Reporting is Assistant Director Nora Reca)
      1. Emerging Eagles in full swing
        1. Planning on curriculum for spring semester
      2. Director of Sustainability: Uzair Iqbal
        1. Started working on solar paneled umbrellas project
          1. Company selling $1,500 per umbrella
          2. Want to put in central area of campus
          3. Researching and looking at prices before moving forward
        2. Advisor Report: Julie Gleason & Dean Michele
          1. Should be getting budget back tomorrow
          2. Coordinators for student life interviews happening
            1. Student feedback is welcome
          3. Out of office this Thursday and Friday
          4. Cannot tip more than 15% to outside food service
  • Legislative Report:
    1. Eagle News misprint fixed
    2. Creating forms for golf cart polling
      1. Email Ivan with questions that you would like to have added to the poll
  • RHA Report: Alexa Neilan
    1. Residence Rumble- October 9th at women’s soccer game
    2. Harvest Party- October 29th South Village Lawn 7-9pm
  1. Old Business
    1. None
  • New Business
    1. Winter Games
      1. Oct 23rd 8am-1pm
      2. Senate can participate too
    2. SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)
      1. 9/11 Remembrance
        1. Strengths
          1. President Bradshaw
          2. Agenda of the event
          3. Guest speakers were appreciated
          4. Attendance
          5. Mission barbeque combined with event
          6. Significance
          7. Gift bags
        2. Weaknesses
          1. Marketing
          2. Communication of roles
          3. Sign up sheets
        3. Opportunities
          1. Plan earlier
          2. Parking services
          3. Tent
          4. Estero Fire and Lee County Sherriff as official guest speaker
        4. Threats
          1. Weather
        5. SG Day
          1. Strengths
            1. Awareness
            2. More people = more event
            3. Kona Ice
            4. Giveaways
            5. Timing
          2. Weaknesses
            1. Lack of participation/accountability
            2. More direct communication/collaboration with SenEx
          3. Opportunities
            1. Enhancing communication with other branches
            2. Documentation
          4. Threats
            1. Weather
  • Announcements
    1. DROP (Dominican Republic Outreach Program)
      1. Student Org that has been around since 1999
      2. Go on Alt Spring Break to Dominican Republic every year
        1. Work with nonprofit that houses children who live on streets of DR- fundraise for this nonprofit
        2. Choose which students go on Alt Spring Break through point system-how much people put into the organization-and letters of recommendation. Interviews follow.
        3. Applications come out next Tuesday- anyone is welcome to apply
        4. Goal is to bring 20 students this year
      3. Fundraise during year- sports equipment, school supplies, clothes, for kids in DR
      4. Wants to start doing social events and service work in community
        1. Implementing mentor program this year
      5. Fall Fiesta
        1. Fundraiser tomorrow from 4-8, Cohen Ballroom B
        2. All donations go to children in DR
          1. Food, money, hygiene supplies, school supplies, sports equipment
        3. Bonnomu
          1. Friday Oct 9th
        4. Roll Call
          1. Present: Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
          2. Absent: Lietaert
        5. Adjourn
          1. 6:16pm