2015-2016 Administration


Renovating SG to advocate for student needs, while building on traditions and being focused on student success.


Student Life

  • Launch Eagle Radio program for students.
  • Establish a late night campus transport program.
  • Expand t-shirt exchange.
  • Increasing awareness on living a sustainable lifestyle.


  • Meeting and building relationships with public officials.
  • Seek discounts & fundraising options from local vendors.
  • Bring awareness to scholarships & internship programs offered for students.
  • Ensure environmental sustainability is in all University Decisions.
  • Advocating for more funding toward student success.

Campus Outreach

  • Building on to the SG brand.
  • Develop SG street team
  • Proving opportunities of growth and development.
  • Expanding farmers markets.
  • Supporting all student run organizations.
  • Re-establishing because eagles care.
  • Increasing civic engagement efforts.
  • Promoting school spirit.