Legislative Branch

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   The Student Senate is a voting body of students that is elected or appointed to appropriate the Activity and Service Fees (A&S) granted to Student Government by the general student body in fees assessed each semester. The Student Senate passes bills into law by way of voting in open meetings to the public held every week to conduct business. The Senate also serves as a forum for ideas and a voice for student opinions and concerns. Led by the Senate Executive Committee, the Senate is the representative voice of the students, for the students.

IMG_7351The Senate President is responsible for presiding over all meetings of the Senate, recognizing Senators who have the floor, keeping track of the speaking order of the Senate Chamber and to decide all points of order. The Senate President presides over the Legislative Branch and serves as the ceremonial representative of the Senate as necessary. S/he is responsible to communicate and be held help accountable to communicate with committee chairs, Senate Executive and give regular Senate reports on matters concerning Student Government, the students and other matters deemed pertinent to the Senate. Lastly, the Senate President is responsible for creating Senate ad-hoc committees to ensure that all of the students’ voices and concerns are being heard and addressed.

As a 4th year student from Naples, FL, Garrette is currently majoring in Business Management and Marketing with aspirations to go on to law school to practice either Corporate or Entertainment law. Over the past four years, Garrette has had a wide array of campus involvement including being a sister of Delta Delta Delta, serving as a mentor for the Emerging Eagles and Honors College programs, participating in the Executive Leadership Institute, Leadership Academy, UIFI and IMPACT, as well as being a member of Order of Omega and Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society and a proud member of the StudentGovernment here at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Her passion to continue her involvement within Student Government started her sophomore year when she served as a Senator for the Lutgert College of Business and went on to serve as the Appropriations Chairman her junior year, working alongside her committee to allocate the Annual A&S Budget of $4.2 million dollars.

As Senate President, Garrette wants to ensure that the students’ voice is being heard and wants to work towards the betterment of the students’ experience while here at Florida Gulf Coast University. By incorporating important legislation and new initiatives, she plans to work alongside theSenate and the Executive Branch to bring light to important student issues that our campus is facing.

Feel free to contact Garrette sgsenate@fgcu.edu

IMG_7378The Senate Pro Tempore’s duties include chairing the Senate Executive Committee, and in the absence of the Senate President, chairing the Senate Meeting, assisting the Senate President in the completion of his/her duties and to serve as the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms. The Senate Pro Tempore is also responsible to serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of all Senate committees and is in charge of coordinating and setting up interviews with interested students for the different vacant Senatorial seats in Senate, as well as notifying and communicating to the Senate Executive about these interviews.
Feel free to contact Anne sgprotempore@fgcu.edu

My name is Anne Slominski and I am originally from Buffalo, New York! I am seeking a degree in Elementary Education and one day I would love to work for Teach For America back in Buffalo! After I would love to obtain my Juris Doctorate from the Unviersity of Buffalo and go on to working in Washington D.C. lobbying for minority student’s rights and working to change the way our public school systems work. End game, I want to be the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. “What, like it’s hard?” – Elle Woods.
Social justice is a huge part of who I am and I love that FGCU’s Student Government works so hard for our univeristy’s population. This university is making strives and moves in amazing ways.
I am the secretary for Kappa Delta, Eta Tau and accredit all my leadership/sense of place to the Panhellenic community, specifically for what I have found in Eta Tau.
When I’m not in my office in Cohen Center 273 I am working at Forema Boutique where I am a stylist or hanging out with my sisters at our on campus Chik Fil A.  

TIMG_7329he Senate Secretary is responsible for calling roll at the beginning and adjournment of each Senate meeting and maintaining accurate record of senators’ attendance, calling roll for votes on legislation and maintaining an accurate record how each Senator voted on all legislation and to record accurate minutes of Student Government meeting and prepare them for distribution and approval at least seventy-two (72) hours following the meeting. The Senate Secretary’s duties also include preparing the Senate agenda for distribution, being responsible for collaborating with the Dean of Students’ Office when creating memorial Resolution for a member of the Student Body and maintaining accurate records of Senate business included but not limited to copies of all legislation, copies of meeting minutes and copies of attendance and voting records.

Gabby Giordano is a fourth year student from New Jersey majoring in civil engineering.  While attending FGCU, Gabby has been involved in Chi Omega Sorority as their Career and Personal Development Director and as Student Organizations Council’s Leadership Development Chair.  In the future Gabby hopes to attain her Professional Engineering License, and later found a firm that aids in natural disaster relief.  In her free time Gabby loves to kayak, walk through nature preserves, and cook with her big Italian family!
Feel free to contact Gabrielle sgsensec@fgcu.edu