Executive Directors

The Executive Branch of Student Government offers leadership opportunities in many different ways. Our current directors work on specific initiatives from the administration. The goal at the end of the day is to enable students with the best possible tools for their success and satisfaction.

IMG_67812017-2018 Chief of Staff

                Noelle Stone d9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef7226a00d83451b36c69e201bb099561ee970d-600wi

Email: sgchief@fgcu.edu

The Chief of Staff is to be responsible for assisting the Student Body President in all matters pertaining to the function of the Executive Branch. Ensure effective communication and coordination between all Directors and the Student Body President. Ensure the Executive Cabinet follows through with all initiatives undertaken by the Student Body President. Serve as the designee for the Student Body President or Vice President in their absence. Prepare procedural documents for the Executive Branch. Conduct research at the request of the Student Body President.

2017-2018 Executive Directors

IMG_6597Director of Civic Engagement              

David Worley  d9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef722

Email: sgengage@fgcu.edu
The Directors of Civic Engagement plan and implement group community service events, lead peer education and awareness campaigns on social issues or current political topics and collaborate with charity and philanthropies in the local, national and international community; as well as be a resource for service-oriented student organizations on campus. The Global Outreach co-director is responsible for planning Alternative Breaks and working with Veteran’s Affairs. The Community Outreach co-director will be responsible for collaborating with the local community and providing students with service learning opportunities.

18699562_1858567874469047_5233604114992241388_oDirector of Communications and Marketing

Lindsey Morimannod9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef722 6a00d83451b36c69e201bb099561ee970d-600wi

Email: studentgovernment@fgcu.edu
The Director of Communications is responsible for the effective promotion of Student Government through marketing materials, advertising, Eagle Link, etc. This Director should be well versed in creating press releases, newsletters, and graphic designs. This Director will be the central source for SG officials to market their events and will also build relationships with media sources such as Eagle News, local radio stations and local newspapers. Coordinators are needed to assist with social media, Student Government website, press relations and Executive Cabinet marketing.



Director of Governmental Relations 

Bradley Berryd9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef722 6a00d83451b36c69e201bb099561ee970d-600wi

Email: sggov@fgcu.edu
The Director of Governmental Relations lobbies on behalf of students at the university, local, state and federal levels. The Director of Governmental Relations serves as the Student Body President’s advisor to the Florida Student Association and maintains contact with other SUS schools regarding lobbying efforts and relevant legislation. In addition, the Director of Governmental Relations is responsible for reviewing University Regulations and Policies and making recommendations for student representation on University Committees.


Director of Leadership Development 

Janel Acosta 6a00d83451b36c69e201bb099561ee970d-600wid9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef722

Email: sgleadership@fgcu.edu

The Director of Leadership Development is responsible for planning and implementing programs that promote leadership and campus involvement. This director also leads the Emerging Eagles program and works closely with the  Leadership Development Coordinator to promote leadership initiatives of the University.

 Director of Student RelationsIMG_6629

Jamar Powelld9b3a0_92d8d32b5c8e4d07a42c6e76929ef722 6a00d83451b36c69e201bb099561ee970d-600wi

Email: sgsr@fgcu.edu
The Director of Student Life is responsible for fulfilling our administration’s goal to energize campus life at FGCU. This Director will be responsible for planning events related to increasing school spirit and traditions such as pep rallies and tailgates. In addition, the Director of Student Life will provide updates on FGCU Athletics, Housing, and the Office of Student Involvement. Coordinators are needed to assist with Athletic Relations, RSO/Greek Life, Campus Recreation and Sports Clubs and Campus Life and Traditions. This Director will also communicate with Multicultural Student Services, Adaptive Services and the LGBTQ community and other diversity centered groups. The Director of Student Relations will also be responsible for academic related programming and communication.

Director of Sustainability

Jade Chalkley

Email: sgsustainability@fgcu.edu
The Director of Sustainability seeks to facilitate new and innovative means for students to actively participate in improving the local environment as a way of furthering the University’s mission in sustainability. The Director of Sustainability is responsible for all environmental Initiatives, as well as further our health and safety initiatives on campus.