Assistant Directors

Assistant Directors of the Executive Branch of Student Government take on tasks and obligations from the Executive Directors.  

For more information on each position, feel free to contact the corresponding Director located under the Executive Branch tab.

  • Director of Communications and Marketing:
    • Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing
      • Help assist with all Student Government communication forms, marketing, social media outlets, and website features. Serve as a liaison of Student Government to all forms of media through the promotion of events, initiatives, and services offered to the Student Body.

  • Director of Civic Engagement:
    • Assistant Director of Alternative Break
      • Work alongside Student Government and the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development to help plan and coordinate Alternative Break (AB) programs, host AB information sessions, assist in AB training, and review interest applications.
    • Assistant Director of Community Outreach
      • Collaborate with the university and local community to help coordinate group service initiatives for the FGCU community, such as large-scale school supplies drives and volunteer opportunities.

  • Director of Governmental Relations:
    • Assistant Director of Internal Governmental Affairs
      • Aid in the planning and execution of internal university affairs, such as the 9/11 Memorial Day Event. Correspond regularly with the Office of Governmental Affairs and help provide communicative opportunities for students with local/state legislative representatives that help to enhance the student experience.
    • Assistant Director of External Governmental Affairs
      • Aid in the execution of state-wide legislative initiatives and lobbying efforts on behalf of FGCU, such as the Florida Student Association, FGCUDay, and Rally in Tally. Help facilitate student-based advocacy efforts and higher education initiatives throughout the state of Florida. Correspond regularly with the Office of Governmental Affairs.

  • Director of Leadership Development:
    • Assistant Director of Student Development
      • Help facilitate the planning and execution of each Emerging Eagles session, overseeing both Emerging Eagles mentors and student relations. Aid the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development to promote retreats and leadership initiatives offered to the Student Body.

  • Director of Student Relations:
    • Assistant Director of Athletic & Sports Club Relations
      • Help facilitate athletic programming events, such as tailgates, pep rallies, and Homecoming Week. Plan athletic events related to increasing school spirit and traditions. Assist with communication between athletic relations, Campus Recreation, and Sports Clubs as well as offer collaborative updates about FGCU Athletics.
    • Assistant Director of Greek Relations
      • Help facilitate events that will tailor to school spirit at FGCU. Regularly communicate with every Greek-letter organization across all four councils to maximize campus inclusion and participation. Outreach to the entire Greek community year-round to provide Student Government updates, programming initiatives, and feedback regarding the student experience. Help encourage Greek organizational outreach to external involvement in an effort to maximize participation.
    • Assistant Director of Student Relations
      • Help facilitate events that will tailor to school spirit at FGCU. Regularly communicate with all Registered Student Organizations, Campus Life, Multicultural Student Services, Adaptive Services and the LGBTQ community, Student Support Services, and other diversity-centered groups to maximize campus inclusion and participation.
    • Assistant Director of Campus Life & Traditions
      • Help oversee events that cater to the campus life of FGCU by attending meetings, aiding events, and reaching out to campus-life organizations/departments. Assist in planning and executing student-centric events that will provide an inclusive environment for all of the FGCU.

  • Director of Sustainability:
    • Assistant Director of Recyclemania
      • Primarily coordinate the Recyclemania events on campus. Organize marketing events for raising awareness for international competition, work closely with Physical Plant and other faculty members/campus departments, know how to gather information, and work with student volunteers and Colloquium classes in the spring semester. Take the lead on fun projects, such as events or design/planning initiatives during the fall semester. Work closely with the Director and report with updates (biweekly in fall and weekly in spring). Develop ideas and help brainstorm new activities that can be implemented into existing functions or the creation of new ones. Must be open to working closely with faculty, understanding the process and time commitment of Recyclemania, and working well with other Directors/Assistant Directors in idea-building efforts and promotional developments.
    • Assistant Director of Farmers Markets
      • Help oversee and recruit coordinators or volunteers during set-up and take-down of the biweekly Farmers Market events. Communicate effectively to volunteers on how to receive Service Learning hours, reach out to vendors and community members on their involvement with the market, work closely with vendors through maintained contact, receive/forward proper paperwork, communicate with the Director when problems arise that need assistance, and keep in frequent contact with Director for updates. Must be willing to reach out past FGCU and into the surrounding community to provide the university with local vendors. Must be able to problem solve quickly and efficiently while also working well with team members to collaborate on ideas.
    • Assistant Director of Sustainability Operations
      • Substitute for meetings that the Director is unable to attend, record information from diverse organizations on campus, provide current updates on local sustainability, potentially work on a sustainability column with Eagle News, perform miscellaneous tasks as necessary, and record key points and information that can be distributed to students. Maintain direct continuous contact with the Director and work closely to expand outreach around campus.
    • Assistant Director of Green the Greeks Programming
      • Help facilitate the Green the Greeks program effectively by planning and promoting sustainability initiatives and events with the Greek community in order to promote the university’s mission. Coordinate and regularly communicate with the sustainability chairs of every Greek organization to increase communication and participation between our environmental organizations and our Greek organizations. Maintain continued partnership between pre-existing relationships among Greek organizations and SG while also encouraging collaboration with newly-engaged organizations. Work with the Director to regularly award participation and maintain a point system that is devised to track the sustainability involvement of each Greek organization. Collaborate with the Assistant Director of Greek Relations to promote outreach between SG and the Greek community and maintain a constant streamline of communication between every entity.

  • Director of University Affairs:
    • Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
      • Help facilitate programs with the Office of Undergraduate Studies to provide quality academic opportunities to students. Provide information and program options on academic issues and work with academic entities of the campus to further scholastic goals.
    • Assistant Director of Social Justice
      1. Coordinate educational workshops or seminars with the goal of educating the FGCU community on social issues. Collaborate with campus partners and administration to provide initiatives and programs that help advance social justice and inclusion within the Student Body.


  • Assistant Director of International & First Generation Student Affairs

Serves as a liaison between International Services and Student Government to help advance developing, coordinating and promoting international education efforts for students and professionalsServes as a liaison between Student Support Services and Student Government to help increase quality resources for students who are first generation, and/or low income, and/or have a documented disability. Helps create and advance partnership initiatives with SSS designed to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and motivate students toward the completion of their post-secondary education. Retain an open line of communication and refer important information between both departments to increase awareness of needs/opportunities and generate partnership opportunities.