Florida Gulf Coast University
Student Government Cabinet
CC 249 September 8th 2015 5:00PM
All members of the public are welcome

  1. Call to Order
    1. 5:00pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Lietaert, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
  • Amendment/Approval of the Minutes
    1. Elneus approves, Green seconds
  1. Public Comment
    1. None
  2. Reports
    1. Presidential Report
      1. Submit applications for FGCU Day and encourage other people to apply
        1. FGCU Day January 25th
      2. Represented at the BLT meeting, decided to give President Bradshaw a 5% raise and $40,000 bonus
      3. Approved mission and vision statement for university
      4. Passed the Budget and will revisit specific areas in January
      5. FSA meeting later this month- tentatively at FSU. Polython will be there held too
        1. Polython: “Policy hacking” competition. dissecting politics, divided into groups and create presentations from which a winner is chosen.
        2. September 25th/26th
      6. SG drive at Osprey Hall/SoVi to reach out to freshmen- select dates and times.
    2. Vice President Report
      1. If checking out golf cart, give keys back in 24 hours at OSI desk- if over the weekend give back first thing Monday
      2. Purchase order forms- talk about it in cabinet meetings beforehand
      3. Give Jess 24 hour advance notice before adding something to New Business in Cabinet Agenda
      4. Went to Faculty Senate- every other Friday 9:30am-11:30/12
  • Treasurer Report
    1. Treasurer trainings going on right now
    2. Working on discounts
    3. $4,000+ in allocated account
  1. Chief of Staff Report
    1. Emailed out available committees
      1. Send interested students to Lee
    2. Constitution Committee review Thursday at 6:30
  2. Director of Student Relations
    1. Tabling at soccer games this weekend- Thursday and Saturday at 7pm
    2. Steph and T met with Vicki Holmes discussing Dean’s Lunch with students on Friday
    3. Email reactivated today so resend important emails: SGSR@fgcu.edu
  3. Director of Civic Engagement
    1. Google doc is being fixed
    2. Answer questions for SG Day
    3. Alt Break apps and service leader apps are out- over 50 applied so far
      1. 3 Alt Break info sessions happening this week
    4. Meeting with assistant directors
      1. Goal: to reach out to other orgs
      2. Made list of underrepresented areas to advertise to
    5. Met with SL Ambassador Kathleen to work with Eagles Inspire
      1. Let know if interested in participating in this- volunteer hours awarded
      2. Additionally working on food drive, teddy bear drive, and book drive with Service Learning Ambassadors
    6. Had lunch with Dean on Friday
      1. Group fundraiser was discussed
  • Director of Communication and Marketing
    1. Need Emma to answer reporter questions and send me headshot
    2. Cody is working on social media contests with Ivan’s committee for outreach
    3. SG photoshoot and video?
    4. Contacted by lots of reporters- sorry for all the emails but please respond when possible!
  • Director of Governmental Relations
    1. Finances:
      1. Making order for flowers for 9/11 event- $150
      2. Banner- $120
      3. Gift bags- $50
    2. 9/11 event on Friday- mandatory
      1. Need help starting at 10- event starts at 11
      2. Food has been ordered
      3. Service Learning hours will be given
      4. Attire- wear SG polo with pants or long shorts
    3. Fill out FGCU Day applications
  1. Director of Leadership Development
    1. Calm before the storm on Monday
    2. Waiting to hear from campus reservations
  2. Director of Sustainability
    1. Oct 7th is documentary screening- tentative
      1. Need volunteers to help set up
    2. Nov 2nd 5pm in Ballroom is TTWSG by CESE- student dialogue- tables leading discussion on climate change
      1. For students to students by students
      2. Diff aspects of climate change
      3. Limited seating so if interested let Uzair know if attending
    3. Advisor Report
      1. Constitution Day Sept 17th
        1. 10am-2pm
        2. Tabling downstairs in Atrium
      2. Eagle Family Weekend movie Nov 7th
  • RHA Report
    1. None
  1. Old Business
    1. None
  • New Business
    1. None
  • Announcements
    1. Director Green
      1. During SG Day, T give State of the Union/Student Body address?
        1. Decided it would be poor timing
      2. Senator Rodriguez
        1. First Wings Up Wednesday- Sept 16th 11-3 on Cohen Center Lawn
          1. Jets Pizza
        2. Sinister 2 tonight at 8:05pm.
      3. Roll Call
        1. Present: Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Lietaert, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis),
        2. Absent: Elneus, Iqubal
      4. Adjourn
        1. 5:48pm