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2017-2018 RSO’s Guide to the Budget Process

What Can I Do: You can request funding from Student Government for your RSO for the 2018-19 fiscal year through the annual budget process!

Why Should I: In order for your RSO to have a budget to purchase promo Items, t-shirts, food for Meetings, items to run RSO events, and much more!

How Can I: In order to receive a budget, you have to follow a simple three step process this upcoming fall.

The First Step– is to send two representatives from your RSO to attend a treasurer training session this fall (You will see the dates below)

The Second Step– is to fill out and turn in your budget application. The applications will be emailed to your organization through Eagle link or you can pick up a hard copy in Cohen Center 258. The applications will be available from September 1st to October 13th and you will be able to list all of the expenses you would like to have funding for, as well as the most cost-effective prices to purchase these expenses.

The Third Step- is to hand in your application to CC258 in the Office of Student Involvement by noon of October 13th. from there a representative will help you sign up for a 15-minute budget hearing with the Appropriations Committee to discuss your application. Following the hearing the Appropriations Committee will keep you up to date on your funding for the 18-19 fiscal year.

Am I Eligible: Any RSO which is affiliated or registered with the school, is in good standing, does not charge dues to its members, and accepts any and all students who are interested regardless of race, sex, religion, color, age, disability, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, and academic major are eligible for funding!

What does the Appropriations Committee look for in an RSO when they are requesting funding? While any eligible RSO can receive funding, ways RSO’s can stand out from the pack when requesting funding is to be involved on campus, and to be fiscally responsible. Ways an RSO can show how their involved on campus is by hosting or planning community service events, and collaborating with other RSO’s. How an RSO can show they are fiscally responsible is by ideally spending 85% or more of their previous year’s funding, and show economic independence through fundraising.

Who Can I contact to get help: The Appropriations Chair, Daniel McKee ( is always available through email to use as a resource, to ask questions, or to set up a personal meeting.


How long of a process is requesting funding? About 2 hours total between the treasurer training, filling out your budget application, and attending a hearing with the Appropriations Committee.

Where is CC258? Cohen Center 258, It is on the second floor inside the Office of Student Involvement.

When will I find out how much my RSO has been funded for the 18-19 fiscal year? Following your Hearing the Appropriations Committee will deliberate on your application and propose a set amount of funding for your RSO, they will inform you of the proposed amount, then it will have to be approved by the Student Government Senate, President, and University President Mike Martin to become official. After your funding for the 18-19 fiscal year is official, you will be informed through email.

What is the 2018-19 Fiscal Year? July 1st, 2018 to June 30th, 2019. From this time you will be able to spend all of the money in the budget you receive. All money not spent within the fiscal year will no longer be available for your RSO.

Can I hand in my applications late? Unfortunately not, applications turned in after noon on October 13th cannot be accepted due to fairness for all RSO’s.

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The Finance Code has been updated. Stay tuned for the new changes.