Each student at the Florida Gulf Coast University pays a per-credit-hour fee of 11.50 called the Activity & Service Fee (A&S) that funds University Sponsored Student Organizations, University Departments, and Registered Student Organizations. The Senate Appropriations Committee is charged with soliciting and hearing budget requests from these entities and allocating the available funds as they deem appropriate, based on the requests, to ultimately present a balanced budget recommendation to the Student Senate for final voting. The Senate Appropriations Committee has completed the 2016-2017 Annual Budget.

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The Budget Recommendation Bill represents the A&S Budget Bill  recommended to the Student Senate by the Senate Appropriations Committee. It includes the budget allocation itself, as well as proviso language that governs the use of particular allocated funds. Upon recommendation, the budget moves on to the Student Senate for final consideration through a Bill Process.


Special Conference and Travel Committee: The Student Senate Appropriations committee determined in order to ensure efficient allocation and use of Student Travel Funds the responsibility of allocation of travel should fall under the purview of a Senate Special Conference and Travel (SCT) Committee.

o   The creation of this committee will help streamline the process of student organizations getting travel funding.

o   Create a better relationship with students through the direct and swift interactions with this committee.

o   Enable students to hold Student Government more accountable on receiving necessary funds.

A portion of the budget shall be allocated to be distribute as needed for student travel. The Student Government Senate shall set guidelines which the SCT Committee shall follow with proper notification to the student body.


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For more info. contact: sgappropriations@fgcu.edu | sgsenate@fgcu.edu