“Igniting Change for a Better Tomorrow”

FGCU’S Alternative Break Program

What is FGCU’s Alternative Break Program?

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Alternative Break Program (AB) is a week-long service trip in which an estimated twenty or more students, faculty, and staff provide service to an urban and rural city during FGCU’s Winter and Spring break. Sponsored by FGCU’s Student Government and the Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development, our Alternative Break program was created to educate and expose our students, staff, and faculty to the realities of social issues and injustices and what is being done to promote and encourage advocacy and action. We serve with non-profit service organizations that target issues such as hunger, homelessness, poverty, education, environment restoration, and wellness and prevention.

Mission Statement:

FGCU’s Alternative Break Program focuses on creating civically engaged students through service-oriented projects centered on education, diversity, and leadership development. FGCU participants are fully immersed in new communities that face social issues and injustices. Through service and education, AB raises awareness of social injustices, allows for the creation of friendships, and cultivates a desire for change.

Vision Statement:

FGCU’s Alternative Break Program seeks to create an environment where students can inspire life-long action by becoming active citizens. The goal being the promotion and encouragement of action and advocacy through the service experienced on the local and national forefront.

Simple Living Philosophy

During FGCU’s Alternative Break Program, the philosophy we follow is simple living. Instead of staying in fancy hotels, we stay in hostels, community centers, or churches. Another way we follow this philosophy is by not eating out for every meal and cooking most of our meals. The small groups will have assigned days and meals that they will prepare and cook as a team for the large group. FGCU’s AB program chooses to have their participants fully immersed in the culture of the city they are visiting for a true experiential learning opportunity.

AB Principles


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    Fall    Spring
2010- New Orleans, Louisiana           2010- New Orleans, Louisiana              
2011- Biloxi, Mississippi 2011- Washington, D.C.
2012- New Orleans, Louisiana 2012- North Carolina
2013- Atlanta, Georgia 2013- Washington, D.C.
2014- None 2014- New York City, New York
2015- Atlanta, Georgia 2014- Chicago, Ilinois & NOLA
2016- Miami, Florida 2016- New York City, New York

2017- New York City, New York