Student Government Executive Branch

The executive branch is comprised of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Treasurer, several Directors and a Chief of Staff.

There is 1 Advisor, 1 Accountant, 1 SG Coordinator and 1 Executive Secretary that are University Employees through the Student Government.

Executive Positions :

Civic Engagement (Community and Global Outreach)

Governmental Relations
Leadership Development
Student Relations

University Committees:

SG representatives serve on 31 University Committees
Executive Committees are run out of the Executive office
4 committees are run out of the Senate

Student Government Senate

36 Senate members
Including 1 Senate President (non-voting), 1 Pro-Tempore, 1 Secretary.

4 Senate Committees:

Legislative – Organize, maintain and process bills to present to SG, including recommendations for bill action.

Appropriations – Monetary monitoring and payment for bills passed and processed.

University Outreach
– Student Government connection with student body, including involvement with programming, Eagles News and Office of Student Involvement.

University Relations
– Student Government connection to Academic colleges, usually with the Deans of each college.

Student Government Judicial Branch

There is 1 Chief Justice with 4 Associate Justices serving on the Judicial Committee.