Florida Gulf Coast University

Student Government Cabinet

cc 249 SEPTEMBER 22nd 2015 5:00PM

All members of the public are welcome 

  1. Call to Order
    1. 5:03pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Gomes, Lietaert
  • Amendment/Approval of the Minutes
    1. Reca approves, Green seconds
  1. Public Comment
    1. None
  2. Guest Speaker
    1. FGCU Wings of Hope
      1. Ricky Pires, rpires@fgcu.edu
      2. Discussed Florida panthers and threats to the panthers
      3. Working towards educating community
      4. Wants FGCU to be first college to be “wildlife-proof”
        1. Looking for SG to help with signs for this initiative
          1. “bear proof” sponsored by SG and Wings of Hope
          2. Put sign where trash cans used to be- “look what you’ve done, by moving the trash cans inside you’ve helped bears”
        2. Going to move trash cans to protect wildlife
        3. Needs student help with the zones
        4. Help with going into Colloquium classes and presenting
      5. Reports
        1. Presidential Report: Thieldens Elneus
          1. Got to speak and welcome new students this weekend
          2. Currently working on finalizing projects that are being processed
          3. Eagle Radio- still no location
          4. Working as advisory on Food Selection Committee
          5. Need 4 people for grade appeals committee
          6. Lee and T will be representing FGCU at Polython in Tallahassee
          7. Contacting people about FSA budget
          8. On September 18th, challenged student body to fight song challenge
            1. Winner will get pizza party
            2. SG will do one too
          9. Vice President Report: Jessica Scanlon
            1. Went to Faculty Senate last Friday
            2. Went to PBC as well- discussed mission and vision as well as strategic plans from committees
            3. Listened to Aramark’s campus presentation
              1. Pulled out Real Food Challenge from 2 years ago for Aramark
                1. 20% “real food” on campus
              2. Met with Service Learning Ambassadors about FGCU Winter Games- want SG to get involved
                1. Friday October 23rd 9am-1pm
  • Treasurer Report: Karli Gomes
    1. Committee meeting with Adaptive Services on Thursday
    2. Meeting with Julie for 1 on 1 meetings
  1. Chief of Staff Report: Lee Davidson
    1. Requirement to be on a committee
  2. Director of Student Relations: Stephanie Lietaert
    1. sgsr@fgcu.edu is her email
  3. Director of Civic Engagement: Emmalyn Green
    1. SG Day went well- successful first event
      1. Talked to at least 20 students
      2. At least 200 students got Kona Ice
      3. Positive feedback from students
    2. Meeting about Winter Games this week
    3. Alternative Break applications have been received- sending out confirmation emails
      1. Will hear back within 2 weeks
      2. Finalizing curriculum from training
    4. Got to go to Foundation Board Breakfast and talk about Student Government
    5. SG Trick or Treat
  • Director of Communication and Marketing: Breanna Rigg
    1. Ivan did great with We Are SG
    2. Have video shoot Tuesday 6th– during meetings. Beginning at 3:30
      1. Everyone wear black SG polos
      2. Get props
      3. Send email to all SG notifying them of this- make it mandatory
      4. Will replace Cabinet meeting- will email in reports
    3. Get info from Emma about senators for Senator Spotlight
  • Director of Governmental Relations: Lauren Mazzoleni
    1. Waiting for approval for next event
    2. Meeting with Rictor on October 2nd to talk about what FGCU is doing
  1. Director of Leadership Development: Lexi Davis (Reporting is Assistant Director Nora Reca)
    1. Lexi and Nora meeting later this week
    2. Second session was last night and it went really well
  2. Director of Sustainability: Uzair Iqbal
    1. Went to environmental sustainability committee meeting today, university has signed off to convince PBC that more input is needed
    2. After today all Farmers Markets will be on Lib Lawn
      1. If you aren’t making anything handmade that falls under “farmers market” terms, you now have to pay $100 to participate
      2. Next month- handmade jewelry from recycled materials, and honey
    3. Market Mondays approved that they want to do it together with the Farmers Market starting next semester
    4. Wants to help with Wings of Hope, funding support
      1. Working to sell trash cans we already have
    5. Advisor Report: Julie Gleason & Dean Michele
      1. Eagle Family Weekend coming up- November 7nd
        1. Adding student panel on how to be successful in college
          1. Panel at 10:30, no later than 11:30
        2. Eagle Expo on October 17th
          1. Student Government should have a table
          2. 8am-1pm
          3. Breanna work with Ivan to coordinate sign up seat for shifts- sign up genius
        3. SG tabling Monday for Hazing Prevention Week, let Molly know if you’re available to table.
          1. Hazing speaker at 6:30 and 8:30 next Tuesday MANDATORY
  • Legislative Report:
    1. First Dean’s meeting on 29th (Engineering)
    2. Meeting with Dean Gregorson on 12th or 13th
  • RHA Report: Alexa Neilan
    1. No Report
  • Old Business
    1. None
  • New Business
    1. None
  1. Announcements
    1. Jess- next week adding into new business- starting debriefing
      1. Strengths and weaknesses
      2. Next week, 9/11 event and SG Day to evaluate
    2. T- Cohen doesn’t have microwave, wants to add one
      1. Business ops will pay to have it cleaned but SG has to pay for it
  • Programming Board having drive-in movie, Get Hard, tomorrow in dirt lot. 8pm tomorrow night
  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Green, Rigg, Mazzoleni, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Lietaert
  2. Adjourn
    1. 6:16pm