Florida Gulf Coast University

Student Government Cabinet

HH 221 September 15th 2015 5:00PM

All members of the public are welcome

  1. Call to Order
    1. 5:08pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Lietaert, Green, Rigg, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Mazzoleni
  • Amendment/Approval of the Minutes
    1. Elneus approves, Green seconds
  1. Public Comment
    1. None
  2. Reports
    1. Presidential Report: Thieldens Elneus
      1. 7:30am classes beginning- SG passing resolution through Senate
      2. Working with Director of Campus Rec to get advisory committee
        1. Role: give advice to campus rec and their offices
      3. Need 1 person to sit on parking advisory board
      4. Need people for grades appeals committee
      5. Need location for Eagle Radio
      6. Sept 25th-27th in Tallahassee
      7. Tea with T
        1. Steph and Breanna
      8. Vice President Report: Jessica Scanlon
        1. Faculty Senate on Friday at 9:30
        2. Planning & Budget meeting today
          1. Discussed environmental strategic committee plan
        3. Campus food and dining meeting today
          1. Presentations start next week on Tuesday
          2. Let Jess know any specific questions, etc. that she can ask during the meeting
  • Treasurer Report: Karli Gomes
    1. Let Karli know any budget questions
  1. Chief of Staff Report: Lee Davidson
    1. Institutional Affairs Team needs volunteer
      1. Meetings are scheduled on Fridays from 1pm – 2 pm on October 23, Nov. 20 and December 11 this semester.
    2. If you have anything that needs expressed in Safety and Facilities Committee let Lee know
  2. Director of Student Relations: Stephanie Lietaert
    1. T-Shirt Exchange wasn’t as successful
      1. Going to target Spirit Cup Challenge games
      2. Promote it more
    2. In communication with Campus Rec- meeting with Sport Club President next week
  3. Director of Civic Engagement: Emmalyn Green
    1. 82 alternative break applications for students
      1. Closes tomorrow
    2. 4 staff and 4-7 site leaders
    3. Events coming up:
      1. Working with Kathleen from SL for Eagles Inspire
      2. Working with Service Learning for Winter Games
      3. CROP students come in and have a day at FGCU
      4. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
    4. Sign up for SG Day Tuesday Sep 22 10-2 Library Lawn
    5. Fight song competition
  • Director of Communication and Marketing: Breanna Rigg
    1. Ivan doing We Are SG now
    2. Helping with Wings Up Wednesday
    3. When to do photoshoot/video? Weekend/weekday?
      1. During cabinet meetings
  • Director of Governmental Relations: Lauren Mazzoleni
    1. Thank you for helping with 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony, more SG support
  1. Director of Leadership Development: Lexi Davis (Reporting is Assistant Director Nora Reca)
    1. Emerging Eagles just started and went well
      1. 43 students attended
    2. Director of Sustainability: Uzair Iqbal
      1. Movie date on October 7th has been canceled- will be next semester instead
      2. Officers attended Student Organization Council meeting, combining Market Mondays and Farmers Market together was discussed. Planning on combining them.
      3. Earth Day budget
      4. Environmental Sustainability Committee, people from Charge Point came out, discussing coming to FGCU for pilot run
        1. Need to see how many students would utilize this service
      5. Monday, Nov 2nd at 6pm: Terry Tempest Willia Student Dialogue by the Center for Environmental Sustainability and Education
      6. International Reception this Friday at 5:30 at the Ballroom
    3. Advisor Report: Julie Gleason & Dean Michele
      1. Chair Rodriguez
        1. Wings up Wednesday September 16th 11-3, Jets Pizza
        2. Need SG representatives to table during this time- sign up sheets
      2. Julie Gleason
        1. Constitution Day is Thursday 10-2 Cohen Atrium
        2. OSI is tabling, come by and help out if able to
  • RHA Report: Alexa Neilan
  • Harvest Party is on October 29th, Lib Lawn 5:30-7PM.
  • Area Council Applications are open again
  • Resnet- Netflix for students. Email abneilan0067@eagle.fgcu.edu with any movie suggestions.
  • First BOG meeting is this Wednesday in Eagles Landing at 9:30PM.


  1. Old Business
    1. None
  • New Business
    1. Alternative Break Info Session
      1. Take 20-30 student and faculty members to a place outside of Florida for service experience
      2. Bring what you learn there back to FGCU and the community
      3. Created to educate and expose individuals to social issues
      4. Objectives: ask questions, challenges perspectives, get comfortable with being uncomfortable
      5. Trip is free of cost to participate, housing and transportation taken care of, may have to pay for food
      6. This year: Atlanta, GA from December 13-19
      7. Applications due tomorrow at 5pm
  • Announcements
    1. T, Karli, and Jess did budget for next fiscal year. Jess will be emailing out proposed budget.
    2. Programming Board is having a Retro Ice Cream event tomorrow Cohen 247 at 8pm
  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Lietaert, Green, Rigg, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Mazzoleni
  2. Adjourn
    1. 6:17pm