Florida Gulf Coast University

Student Government Cabinet

cc 245 October 13th 2015 5:00PM

All members of the public are welcome

  1. Call to Order
    1. 5:02pm
  2. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Green, Lietaert, Rigg, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Mazzoleni
  • Amendment/Approval of the Minutes
    1. Gomes moves to approve, Rigg seconds
  1. Public Comment
    1. None
  2. Reports
    1. Presidential Report: Thieldens Elneus
      1. FSA hosting meeting at FGCU next Saturday Oct 24
        1. If available come out and support
      2. Vetoed 3 bills this week
        1. Photography Club, VMES, and Computer Software Engineering
      3. Met with Jorge Lopez, Director of Financial Aid
        1. Looking for ways to inform students on fiscal responsibility
      4. Fight Song Competition still happening throughout rest of semester
        1. Kappa Delta and Cheer Team get first pizza party
      5. Met with Chief of Staff for Kurt Clauiston
        1. Looking into connecting with students and connecting with Cape Coral office for student internships, etc.
      6. Met with Chief Moore today to talk about late night transportation program, as well as finding location for student kayak/canoe storage location
      7. Tomorrow have meeting with Beasly Broadcasting, foundation, and Dean of Students to talk about Eagle Radio location
    2. Vice President Report: Jessica Scanlon
      1. This week went to Planning and Budget Council today- look over strategic plan packet and give feedback by Thursday!
        1. Email comments, give feedback
        2. Important document for next 10 years for university
      2. Tomorrow going to breakfast with Congressman Clawson
      3. Friday at 9:30am CC213, going to Faculty Senate, University President will be in attendance
        1. Talking about paper reduction proposal
      4. Thursday, timesheets due
  • Treasurer Report: Karli Gomes
    1. Working on presentation for finance code for Oct. 30
    2. Will be at meetings for budget hearing on Thursday and Friday
  1. Chief of Staff Report: Lee Davidson
    1. One more committee- Food Advisory Committee- needs student volunteer
      1. 12-2pm, lunch provided, first Tuesday of the month
    2. Lee County Delegation meeting tomorrow Oct 14 9am at Edison College room A 177
    3. Collier County Delegation meeting Oct 15 Thursday 9-11am at Collier County water park
    4. Safety and Facilities Committee
      1. Talked about controversy of what to do with Buckingham
      2. Any student ideas of what could be put out at Buckingham let Lee know.
      3. Put poll on Facebook page about what to do!
    5. Director of Student Relations: Stephanie Lietaert
      1. If anyone has anyone in mind for Dean’s Lunch let Steph know
        1. Reached out to 15 people and only heard back from 4
        2. Coming up this Friday,
      2. Tabling at Dunk City After Dark on Oct. 23rd 6pm for T-Shirt Exchange
        1. Text Steph if you’re coming
      3. Tomorrow meeting with Brandon Washington to discuss creating Title 9 page
      4. Wednesday, November 4th 5-8 at the ROC there is a Spirit Tailgate to celebrate athletics
        1. Celebrating fall sports and introducing winter sports
      5. Director of Civic Engagement: Emmalyn Green
        1. Alt Break stuff going well, had site leader training yesterday
        2. Looking into spring trip- possibly using different program provider
          1. Doing cross-analysis about that now
        3. Starting to table and do Alt Spring Break info sessions
        4. Making Strides event this past Saturday- went well
        5. Be An Eagle For The Day event running smoothly- rooms reserved
        6. Working with Nyasia Jenkins to bring back MADD in November
        7. Running photobooth for Winter Games
        8. Eagles Inspire this Saturday
        9. St. Baldrick’s Day November 4th
        10. Working with RSO Council and doing November Lunch and Lead on service
        11. Reached out to Habitat for Humanity and Harry Chapmin for SG Service Day
  • Director of Communication and Marketing: Breanna Rigg
    1. Video shoot went well
      1. Ivan is editing
      2. Send me pictures you took during shoot!
    2. Had first committee meeting- IRC
    3. Going back and restarting puzzle piece campaign
    4. Send me links for media interviews
    5. Miguel is hosting We Are SG this week
    6. Sign up for Eagle Expo!
      1. Need people to come set up and break down
    7. Sign up for Sovi tabling!
    8. The FGCU Effect Brand Campaign- Victoria Matthews
      1. The brand markets the positive influences each student takes part in and benefits from on campus. Want to introduce the new brand to students through an event. The event would consist of students painting a mural on a wall that would display the brand and demonstrate personal experiences at FGCU.
      2. Student Government would want to partner for the event to reach to the entire school?
  • Director of Governmental Relations: Lauren Mazzoleni
    1. No Report
  1. Director of Leadership Development: Lexi Davis (Reporting is Assistant Director Nora Reca)
    1. In the phase of planning for next semester
      1. Lexi, Nicole, and Nora talking about changing/implementing new things for next semester
      2. Have meeting with Mentors and talk about potential changes
    2. Ropes course this Saturday
  2. Director of Sustainability: Uzair Iqbal
    1. Videoshoot next Friday 4pm, wear SG polos
      1. Working with athletics for Recyclemania Cha-Cha Slide video
      2. Want to play video during halftime at Alico to be played next semester
    2. Trying to incorporate a sustainability office on campus
      1. Every area on campus has sustainability within own area
      2. No chief sustainability officer
      3. Looking at other university examples to try to incorporate sustainability office at FGCU
    3. Advisor Report: Julie Gleason & Dean Michele
      1. Senate having monthly workshops on variety of topics- SG members welcome to come
        1. Finance Code presentation October 30, Friday at CC 213
      2. Putting together transition binders so successors have information
      3. Eagle Family Weekend hosting student panel- 6 students
        1. Let Julie know if interested in being on panel
      4. Last coordinator for student programming candidate tomorrow
        1. 2pm Sugden 111
  • Legislative Report:
    1. None
  • RHA Report: Alexa Neilan
    1. Harvest Party coming up, Sovi Green 7pm on 24th
    2. Dr. Fisher heard back from University that housing prices will stay the same
  1. Old Business
    1. None
  • New Business
    1. Discount Program
      1. Coming to pause- doing rest of GCTC
      2. Can everyone go to 2 places in Miromar and ask for FGCU discounts?
  • Announcements
    1. Send T your report if you want him to talk about it at Senate/Board of Trustees meeting, etc.
    2. Programming Board Comedy Night at 7pm tonight
  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Elneus, Scanlon, Davidson, Gomes, Green, Lietaert, Rigg, Reca (for Davis), Iqubal
    2. Absent: Mazzoleni
  2. Adjourn
    1. 6:00pm